February 2018
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Property Update – May 23 2016

It has been 3 weeks since my last property update. It has been unusually dry for most of April and May. I filled the swale a couple of times from the pool, which has the level in the pool down. We finally got a couple of good rains over the past week, which helps the […]

Water Catchment and Storage on a Larger Scale

In my earlier post Water Catchment and Storage with IBC Totes, I described how we built a system of tanks to catch and store about 800 gallons of water for the garden. This was great for short term use. But if we really wanted to ramp up our production, we needed a lot more water […]

Water Catchment and Storage with IBC Totes

Back in 2009 when I first started my garden, I discovered that vegetables can fade and die pretty quickly without water in our hot summer climate. Early on I would water the garden with city water without thinking twice about where it comes from or what is in it. As I learned about permaculture, I […]

Why Is Water So Important?

In an earlier post, I listed many of the projects I’ve worked on around our property. You can see it here. In time, I will talk about all of these projects in depth. First I plan to introduce each of the key project areas. Today I will begin with the most important resource of all […]