February 2018
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My Case for Solar Energy

Today is Earth Day, so it seems like a good time to talk about alternative energy.

I’ve been fascinated with solar energy for a long time. Maybe it’s simple curiosity. Maybe it’s the engineer in me.

Or maybe it’s because the answer to one of our major problems is right there in front […]

Why Do I Like Solar Energy?

There are several reasons why I like solar energy. Of all the systems I have put in place on our property, the solar panels and solar water heater require the least amount of attention and on-going maintenance. Once installed, they produce energy for us every day and lower our utility bills.

Here are some facts […]

Alternative Energy

The following is a paper I wrote about alternative energy for one of my classes in high school:

Alternative energy is defined as “energy generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment” (Google). In order to take advantage of the abundance of natural resources the Earth has to offer, people […]

An Inexpensive Easy-to-Build Solar Oven

It’s not hard to imagine using the sun’s rays to heat water or generate electricity with solar panels. But did you know you can cook with the sun? A solar oven is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to build. It is especially good at slow cooking things like what you would make in a crock pot. […]