February 2018
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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

I’ve tried a lot of things. Some went well and others didn’t. Occasionally I learn enough from the first experience to know not to try again. Other times the first failed attempt motivates me to make improvements and try again. Quite often my second attempt is much more successful than the first. The failure taught […]

A Video Tour of Our Kiwi Vines

Six years ago we planted 4 female and 1 male kiwi vines. Before then I had no idea kiwi would grow in Georgia, but it turns out that the arctic variety will. The fruit are more like large grapes than the traditional kiwi you see in a grocery store.

The vines are climbing on […]

A Simple Cost-Effective Way to Label Trees

For the past 6 years, we’ve planted a lot of trees on our property. It’s exciting to see them leafing out, blooming, and even some setting fruit already.

The food forest is getting pretty dense, so trying to keep track of what is where can be a challenge. Until recently, I documented everything on […]

Planting Fruit Trees in the Snow – Time Lapse Video

Here’s another quick time lapse video I took with my new toy.

Last week I ordered a big shipment of bare root fruit trees and berries to go into our swale berms. It is important to get them planted quickly after arrival. The trees were delivered on Monday. I was able to get a […]

Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It

It’s January and it’s cold outside. There’s still time to rest up before spring planting, right? No way! It’s time to get busy now. Even though it’s cold outside, there’s a lot to get started on. This is an important time to prepare for the spring planting season.

Where we live is in zone 7B, […]

Comfrey – Why Everyone Should Grow It

Comfrey, simply put, is a miracle plant. It is easy to grow, easy to propagate, and has numerous valuable uses around the homestead. Until recently, I had never grown it or even used it. When I started learning about permaculture, I kept hearing comfrey mentioned. I decided to investigate further and learn what all the […]

How I Deal with Poison Ivy on Our Property

Let’s face it. Poison Ivy is just plain nasty. We don’t want it on our property, and when it shows up we want to get rid of it. If you are highly allergic to it, poison ivy might be one of the few cases where you could justify the use of a product like Roundup. […]

The Oak Tree

I’ve always loved trees. I climbed them as a kid. I built a tree house. I ran into one once, but it wasn’t the tree’s fault. It was standing there minding its own business while I chased a Frisbee. I grew up in a suburban home with mature hardwood trees on the lot. That’s probably […]

Where Have All the Honey Bees Gone?

When I was growing up, honey bees were everywhere. There was a field of clover behind my house. There were always honey bees browsing the clover blossoms. Today I don’t see honey bees very often. Most of the pollination in my garden and orchard seems to be done by carpenter bees and wasps. I appreciate […]

Why Are Perennials Important?

What is a perennial? A perennial plant is one that lives more than 2 years. With an annual garden, we start over every year. By planting perennials, we create something that with proper care can provide a productive output for years. Perennials are cornerstone elements of a permaculture food forest. One of the goals of […]