February 2018
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Are Credit Cards Inherently Bad?

Not necessarily.

Some view credit cards as debt. I agree that debt is bad. But credit cards are only debt if you don’t pay the balance every month. If you ever are unable to pay you balance, or if you intentionally run up your balance thinking you’ll pay it off some day, read no […]

How I Saved Our Trash Can

One of my philosophies for saving money is to always try to repair things before throwing them away and buying new. Sometimes things are beyond repair, but I always try to repair them first. I’ve save a lot over the years with this approach.

We’ve been in our house for almost 10 years now. When […]

Can We Have Real Money Again?

Today we carry pieces of paper called Federal Reserve notes, or dollar bills, which we consider to be money. Or we have pieces of plastic that represent electronic money. Is that real money? We’ve seen movies where the electronic banking system is disabled and people’s money disappears like a computer glitch. It’s not real but […]

Don’t Expect Politicians to Fix the Economy

Let’s face it, the United States economy is in trouble. At least most people who read a blog like this and are interested in self-sufficiency think it is. Unfortunately too many Americans are oblivious to the facts and think things are much better than they really are. That’s partly because they get their information from […]

Prepare for Bad Economic Times

While the media often tries to paint a rosy picture of the economy, the reality might not be as good as they want us to think. I personally believe it is much worse than we are being told by the mainstream media. There have been plenty of stories about problems in our larger cities, such […]

Eat Healthy and Save Money with Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is one of my favorite snacks. It tastes good and is good for our health. Yogurt is a food that has been fermented with lactic acid bacteria. It is loaded with probiotics that improve our digestion and absorption of nutrients. Good quality yogurt is expensive at the grocery store. I don’t mean the garbage […]