February 2018
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The Chick Is in the Mail

As early as 2009, I started thinking about getting chickens. I would always come up with some reason not to do it. Not enough free time. Too much work. Did I really want a bunch of chickens to take care of. I didn’t even like eggs that much. Of course that was because the eggs […]

Why Should We Grow Gardens?

Few things can help us on the journey to self-sufficiency more than a garden. Gardens can provide many benefits besides just producing vegetables. Digging in the dirt is good for your body as well as your mind. Tending a garden is relaxing and rewarding. Contact with microorganisms in the soil is good for our digestive […]

Where Do I Start?

How did it start? Nine years ago our family moved from a suburban home with an HOA to a farm. Mind you the farm is still in the middle of the suburbs but nonetheless it is a farm. We live on three acres that are zoned agricultural and there is no HOA. There are horses […]

How Did I Become a Prepper?

It isn’t something that happened overnight. It was a long slow process that included many twists and turns along the way. While it took a while, I attribute one particular event to the light bulb going on in my head.

I think I’ve always had the right mentality to prep but never really thought […]


Join Us on Our Journey to Self-sufficiency and Independence You’re probably thinking “not another blog about prepping!” What is this blog about anyway and what makes it different? For one thing, I understand that many bloggers start out with good intentions, but life and other stuff gets in the way. Many blogs start out with […]