February 2018
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How I Solved Two Problems at Once with Chickens

This summer was so hot that our garden suffered. I suffered too. It got so hot that I often didn’t feel like doing chores like weeding. As a result, the weeds took control of the garden to the point where I stopped trying to pull them. I decided I would wait until cooler weather when […]

The Oak Tree

I’ve always loved trees. I climbed them as a kid. I built a tree house. I ran into one once, but it wasn’t the tree’s fault. It was standing there minding its own business while I chased a Frisbee. I grew up in a suburban home with mature hardwood trees on the lot. That’s probably […]

Lessons From a Volunteer Tomato

Every year I grow an annual garden. I prepare the raised beds for winter during the holiday season with compost and mulch. I start planning the spring garden during the off-season. Then the excitement grows as the warmer weather approaches. Some plants are started in the greenhouse and others from seeds sown directly in the […]

Where Have All the Honey Bees Gone?

When I was growing up, honey bees were everywhere. There was a field of clover behind my house. There were always honey bees browsing the clover blossoms. Today I don’t see honey bees very often. Most of the pollination in my garden and orchard seems to be done by carpenter bees and wasps. I appreciate […]

Why Should We Grow Gardens?

Few things can help us on the journey to self-sufficiency more than a garden. Gardens can provide many benefits besides just producing vegetables. Digging in the dirt is good for your body as well as your mind. Tending a garden is relaxing and rewarding. Contact with microorganisms in the soil is good for our digestive […]

Why Is Water So Important?

In an earlier post, I listed many of the projects I’ve worked on around our property. You can see it here. In time, I will talk about all of these projects in depth. First I plan to introduce each of the key project areas. Today I will begin with the most important resource of all […]