February 2018
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Video Walk-Thru of the New Chicken Yard Project

Today I take a tour of the new chicken yard I’m building. Last year I let the chickens into the garden area, and a hawk killed 5 of them. This winter, I’m redesigning the chicken yard to have better predator protection using some permaculture function-stacking.

The garden is being relocated to other areas of […]

Property Update – May 23 2016

It has been 3 weeks since my last property update. It has been unusually dry for most of April and May. I filled the swale a couple of times from the pool, which has the level in the pool down. We finally got a couple of good rains over the past week, which helps the […]

Comfrey 1 – Hornets 0

Today I received a stinging reminder that nature can be cruel at times. I was working in the swales, spreading some wood chips around the fruit trees. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on both of my legs. I swatted away whatever it was and went running.

I could tell from […]

A Video Tour of Our Kiwi Vines

Six years ago we planted 4 female and 1 male kiwi vines. Before then I had no idea kiwi would grow in Georgia, but it turns out that the arctic variety will. The fruit are more like large grapes than the traditional kiwi you see in a grocery store.

The vines are climbing on […]

Another Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

Previously I posted a time lapse video of a honey locust seed sprouting. I decided to try it again over a longer period with some different frame rates. This one shows growth over a 13 day period starting with germination.

Here is a description of why we’re using honey locusts from my earlier post:


A Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

I’m adding honey locust trees to our food forest on the uphill side of the swales. The honey locust fixes nitrogen. It also creates a lot of biomass with its leave drop. The leaves are small and allow a lot of sun through so they are ideal where you don’t want too much shading. They […]

A Small Scale Aquaponics System

In an earlier post Introduction to Aquaponics, I explained the basics of aquaponics. Today I’m going to describe the first small scale system I built a few years ago. To me, aquaponics is an interesting mixture of science and gardening. I have a mad scientist side so I decided to give aquaponics a try.

My […]

Composting with Chickens – A Permaculture Solution

Gardeners know the importance of compost. We compost grass clippings, leaves, kitchen waste – basically any organic matter we can get our hands on. The problem with traditional composting is that you need to turn the compost pile frequently to get a good finished product. That’s not a problem if you have help. Sometimes there […]

How I Applied Permaculture Principles to Workshop Storage

We all know the feeling. It seems like we never have enough storage. We put in some shelves and before you know it they somehow magically fill up with things. We’re right back where we started looking for more storage. When I expanded my workshop, I wanted as much storage as I could get. So […]

How I Solved Two Problems at Once with Chickens

This summer was so hot that our garden suffered. I suffered too. It got so hot that I often didn’t feel like doing chores like weeding. As a result, the weeds took control of the garden to the point where I stopped trying to pull them. I decided I would wait until cooler weather when […]