February 2018
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Updated Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project

Today I did an updated walk-through of the swale project. It has been very hot and dry lately, with a high yesterday of 97 degrees about 10 days without rain. It is in these conditions that we find out how well the swale system works.

The swale was frequently filled with rain during the […]

Mulching with Wood Chips

Mulch is Crucial

Water is essential to healthy fruit trees. In our hot Georgia summers, the ground around a fruit tree can get extremely dry leading to stress on the trees. Mulching around the trees is a good way to keep moisture in and avoid drying out the soil.

My favorite source of mulch material […]

Spring Has Sprung

Today is March 21st. It is hard to believe but spring is here already. Time really flies when you stay busy. I’m not a cold climate person, so I’m happy that winter seems to be over early. Not that I like 95 degree days, but I’ve lived here so long that I supposed I’m somewhat […]

A Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project

Yesterday I walked around the swales and shot this video, describing some of the trees and berries. The swale project started about 18 months ago and has been completed in 3 phases.

The first section of the upper swale where the video starts was dug in October of 2014. The fruit trees and berries in […]

Video Review: “The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic”

Recently I came across this wonderful video while reading on the Permies.com web site. After watching it, I have to say it is a breath of fresh air. The video quality is very professional. The entire video is full of useful tips and ideas for the budding permaculturist.

One of the people responsible for bringing […]

Planting Fruit Trees in the Snow – Time Lapse Video

Here’s another quick time lapse video I took with my new toy.

Last week I ordered a big shipment of bare root fruit trees and berries to go into our swale berms. It is important to get them planted quickly after arrival. The trees were delivered on Monday. I was able to get a […]

Why Are Perennials Important?

What is a perennial? A perennial plant is one that lives more than 2 years. With an annual garden, we start over every year. By planting perennials, we create something that with proper care can provide a productive output for years. Perennials are cornerstone elements of a permaculture food forest. One of the goals of […]