February 2018
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The Pond Project – Doing a Test Fill

Recently I started a project to build a pond between our two swales. The purpose is to increase our water storage and infiltration. Another benefit is to attract more plant and animal life to the food forest. I will explain more about the design and construction process once it is complete.

Once the initial […]

Another Video Tour of the Swale Project

Today I did another walk-through of the swale project. The summer was very hot and dry. We’ve had 70 days of 90 degrees or higher, making it hard on the plants and even harder on me. As I get older, it is becoming a necessity to make the systems here lower maintenance. The swale system […]

Comfrey 1 – Hornets 0

Today I received a stinging reminder that nature can be cruel at times. I was working in the swales, spreading some wood chips around the fruit trees. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on both of my legs. I swatted away whatever it was and went running.

I could tell from […]

Easy Inexpensive Plant Marker Stakes

As I added more and more diverse plants to our swales and food forest project, I started losing track of what was planted where. Part of my strategy to reduce damage from rabbits and deer is to plant a wide variety of things. Scattered throughout the swales are also many cover crops like oats, peas, […]

Updated Walk-Thru of the Swale and Food Forest Project

Today I did another video tour of the swale project. It’s been about a month since the last one. There have been significant changes in just a month.

There is a lot more growth on the upper swale. The bare root trees we planted about 15 months ago are really taking off. Several of them […]

An Inspiring Food Forest

Back in December, my son Jonathan and I visited our friend Dan in Mississippi. While we were there, we took a day trip down to the Gulf Coast neat Biloxi to visit one of Dan’s family members, Ken. What started out as a simple visit with little expectations turned out to be something amazing.

From […]

A Simple Cost-Effective Way to Label Trees

For the past 6 years, we’ve planted a lot of trees on our property. It’s exciting to see them leafing out, blooming, and even some setting fruit already.

The food forest is getting pretty dense, so trying to keep track of what is where can be a challenge. Until recently, I documented everything on […]

Building Soil

When we began the transformation of our property, the soil was in very poor condition. If we were going to be successful at creating a food forest, we needed better soil.

Much of our property consists of about an inch of top soil on top of hard, dry clay. Before our street was developed […]

Another Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project – Focus on Building Soil

Today I did another video tour of the swale project. We dug the upper swale about 18 months ago, and the lower swale 4 months ago. It is interesting to see the difference between the 2 swales.

The upper swale has dramatically more growth. You can see how much difference a year makes when you […]

Why Are Perennials Important?

What is a perennial? A perennial plant is one that lives more than 2 years. With an annual garden, we start over every year. By planting perennials, we create something that with proper care can provide a productive output for years. Perennials are cornerstone elements of a permaculture food forest. One of the goals of […]