February 2018
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Bee Passionate

Listen for Happy Bees

Advice from a Commercial Beekeeper: Bee a Good Listener Recently I had the opportunity to spend the day with a commercial beekeeper from Nicaragua and his team. He was assessing the truckload of bees they were about to work. As he walked by each hive he would pause, elbow it or […]

Bee Harmonious!

Problems and solutions are rarely one factor, most often multiple human introduced factors in combination with nature’s changing environmental factors lead to unexpected results. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative…

The issue of honeybee colony losses can easily be hypothetically explained by a combination of factors: insecticides, GMO plants, excessive harvesting of honey, feeding honeybees corn […]

A Visit with an Old Friend Yields Unexpected Results

This past weekend, my son Jonathan and I went to visit an old friend near the Gulf Coast in southern Mississippi. Dan Page is a guy I’ve known since we worked together in 1992. He is one of the people who influenced me to start gardening much more seriously back in 2009. Dan recently bought […]

Where Have All the Honey Bees Gone?

When I was growing up, honey bees were everywhere. There was a field of clover behind my house. There were always honey bees browsing the clover blossoms. Today I don’t see honey bees very often. Most of the pollination in my garden and orchard seems to be done by carpenter bees and wasps. I appreciate […]