February 2018
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Another Video Tour of the Swale Project

Today I did another walk-through of the swale project. The summer was very hot and dry. We’ve had 70 days of 90 degrees or higher, making it hard on the plants and even harder on me. As I get older, it is becoming a necessity to make the systems here lower maintenance. The swale system […]

Updated Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project

Today I did an updated walk-through of the swale project. It has been very hot and dry lately, with a high yesterday of 97 degrees about 10 days without rain. It is in these conditions that we find out how well the swale system works.

The swale was frequently filled with rain during the […]

Three Month Time Lapse Video of the Swales

I set up the time lapse camera 3 months ago to capture the changes in the swale as we transition from the beginning of spring to the hot part of summer. It is shot at 1 frame per day and played back at 1 frame per second, so it looks somewhat like a slideshow rather […]

A Video Tour of Our Kiwi Vines

Six years ago we planted 4 female and 1 male kiwi vines. Before then I had no idea kiwi would grow in Georgia, but it turns out that the arctic variety will. The fruit are more like large grapes than the traditional kiwi you see in a grocery store.

The vines are climbing on […]

Updated Walk-Thru of the Swale and Food Forest Project

Today I did another video tour of the swale project. It’s been about a month since the last one. There have been significant changes in just a month.

There is a lot more growth on the upper swale. The bare root trees we planted about 15 months ago are really taking off. Several of them […]

Another Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project – Focus on Building Soil

Today I did another video tour of the swale project. We dug the upper swale about 18 months ago, and the lower swale 4 months ago. It is interesting to see the difference between the 2 swales.

The upper swale has dramatically more growth. You can see how much difference a year makes when you […]

A Video Walk-Thru of the Aquaponics System

In this video, I do a walk-thru of the 2016 version of the aquaponics system.

I first built the system in 2014. It has gone through some changes each year. The latest revision has goldfish in the tank. The current plantings are mostly lettuces with some kiwi cuttings I’m letting establish roots before transplanting […]

A Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project

Yesterday I walked around the swales and shot this video, describing some of the trees and berries. The swale project started about 18 months ago and has been completed in 3 phases.

The first section of the upper swale where the video starts was dug in October of 2014. The fruit trees and berries in […]

Another Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

Previously I posted a time lapse video of a honey locust seed sprouting. I decided to try it again over a longer period with some different frame rates. This one shows growth over a 13 day period starting with germination.

Here is a description of why we’re using honey locusts from my earlier post:


A Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

I’m adding honey locust trees to our food forest on the uphill side of the swales. The honey locust fixes nitrogen. It also creates a lot of biomass with its leave drop. The leaves are small and allow a lot of sun through so they are ideal where you don’t want too much shading. They […]