February 2018
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Updated Walk-Thru of the Swales

Today I did another walk-thru of the swales. It’s been a hot summer and we’ve had a lot of rain. Many of our fruit trees are doing great, but others not so well. Deer have devastated the young plum and apple trees.

The pond has stayed full from the rain. The goldfish are still doing […]

The Swales and Pond Fill from a Heavy Rain Shower

Yesterday it rained hard for about an hour. The upper swale filled up fast and overflowed to the pond. Then the pond overflowed out the spillway and filled up the lower swale. Here I talk a little about the swales and some of the trees from the cover of our front porch. It’s great to […]

The Swales and Pond Fill to Capacity from a Heavy Rain

Last night a band of heavy rain came through. This morning I captured this quick video of the results.

First the upper swale fills to capacity from both ends. Then the spillway in the middle overflows and carries the water down to the pond. The pond fills to the point that is overflows at […]

Fruit Trees in Bloom on February 26th

Today I did a quick video tour of the swales where several of our peach trees are blooming. This is very early to get fruit blossoms in our area. The risk is that we get a late frost and lose the crop. Right now the weather forecast is still looking good that we won’t get […]

Video Walk-Thru of the New Chicken Yard Project

Today I take a tour of the new chicken yard I’m building. Last year I let the chickens into the garden area, and a hawk killed 5 of them. This winter, I’m redesigning the chicken yard to have better predator protection using some permaculture function-stacking.

The garden is being relocated to other areas of […]

The Swales and Pond Fill from a Heavy Rain

Today I did another video walking around the swale project after a rain.

Last night and this morning we had second good waves of rain. After the first rain, the upper swale was almost full. Then the second wave came through. The swale filled and overflowed to the spillway. The pond filled up and […]

Video Walk-Thru of the Swales During a Steady Rain

Today I did a walk-through of the swale project during a rain. It was a very dry summer, so we badly needed rain. Now we are finally getting some winter rains. The rain has been coming down at a light drizzle for the last couple of days. Today the rain picked up enough to start […]

Adding Fish to the Pond

The pond has been holding water fairly well. It seems to drop a few inches then level off after I fill it. I decided it was time to add some fish today.

I shut down the aquaponics system and transfered the goldfish, which have gotten fairly big, to the pond. Here’s a video:

Note […]

The Pond Project – Doing a Test Fill

Recently I started a project to build a pond between our two swales. The purpose is to increase our water storage and infiltration. Another benefit is to attract more plant and animal life to the food forest. I will explain more about the design and construction process once it is complete.

Once the initial […]

Video of the Chicks Moving into the Bigger Brooder

Previously I posted about the baby chicks we got. You can read it here. They are now 17 days old and growing fast. They should because they eat like little pigs!

They have outgrown the small brooder, so it’s time to move them to the bigger brooder in our garage. It’s a very simple […]