February 2018
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My Case for Solar Energy

Today is Earth Day, so it seems like a good time to talk about alternative energy.

I’ve been fascinated with solar energy for a long time. Maybe it’s simple curiosity. Maybe it’s the engineer in me.

Or maybe it’s because the answer to one of our major problems is right there in front […]

Is It Time to End Daylight Saving Time?

I woke up much earlier than normal this morning. Well actually I woke up about the same time, but the clock said it was earlier. It was 5:30 am and I was refreshed and ready to work outside. It was pouring down rain so that plan was squashed, thus I find myself sharing my opinion […]

Energy Efficiency – Pick the Low Hanging Fruit First

It was a very hot summer in Georgia, dominated by high temperatures in the 90’s. Running an air conditioner all the time can lead to some pretty high electric bills. As much as I dream of things like a passive solar home, it is difficult to get by without AC in Georgia. We are fortunate […]

Why Do I Like Solar Energy?

There are several reasons why I like solar energy. Of all the systems I have put in place on our property, the solar panels and solar water heater require the least amount of attention and on-going maintenance. Once installed, they produce energy for us every day and lower our utility bills.

Here are some facts […]

Find Your Passion

How do you know you’re passionate about what you’re doing? When you can’t do it for 3 days and that makes you feel sad.

This is a really quick post. It’s early in the morning and I’m about to be off to WordCamp Atlanta. It’s a 3 day event in Atlanta for the WordPress […]

One Man’s Trash

There is an old saying that goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” More often than not, it is not just a saying on a farm. When I get called a packrat, I can say I come by it honestly. My father was raised on a farm where he learned to save everything. When […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

I’ve tried a lot of things. Some went well and others didn’t. Occasionally I learn enough from the first experience to know not to try again. Other times the first failed attempt motivates me to make improvements and try again. Quite often my second attempt is much more successful than the first. The failure taught […]

A Late Frost Hits Us Pretty Hard

We were having an early spring with a lot of unusually warm weather. Peach trees were blooming like crazy. Our kiwi vines were leafing out nicely. I was starting some vegetable seedlings. I kept checking the weather forecast and it always showed warm weather for the following 2 weeks. Things were looking good for a […]

Property Update – February 20 2017

The weather yesterday was beautiful – almost 70 degrees. It was a great day to work outside. I took some pictures and thought it would be a good time to do a property update.

Swales and Wood Chips We’ve spread a lot of wood chips over the last few months. The huge pile is almost […]

Are Credit Cards Inherently Bad?

Not necessarily.

Some view credit cards as debt. I agree that debt is bad. But credit cards are only debt if you don’t pay the balance every month. If you ever are unable to pay you balance, or if you intentionally run up your balance thinking you’ll pay it off some day, read no […]