February 2018
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What a Difference a Year Makes

It’s been exactly a year since I left home for my first WWOOFing experience. Looking back on all that’s happened would be almost unbelievable to the person I was then. Between then and now I drove from the East Coast to the West Coast and back. I ended up doing this twice more before the […]

Abuela Gardens – Willits, California

Without water, plants don’t grow. Without water, people don’t survive. I quickly learned what was possible without regular rainfall in an area. The importance placed on water catchment is a theme throughout all permaculture but here it was a necessity. What I’ve learned since then and am now experiencing first hand is that here, the […]

Backyard Harmony Dirt Farm & Mosaics – Potter Valley, California

I spent just over a week on the road before coming to this beautiful place. The drive into southern California and north past San Francisco was simply amazing. I will be recounting a few of my stops during this time in later posts. For now, I’ll keep it with the farm theme.

My first impressions […]

Elisha’s Spring Farm – West Virginia

For anyone who listens to The Survival Podcast you’ve probably heard this name. Elisha’s Spring Farm is the flagship location for Jack Spirko and PermaEthos. The idea behind PermaEthos is to spread the knowledge of permaculture and all of its related topics to different areas around the country and beyond. The vision for the future […]

Holmes Brothers Hops Farm – North Carolina

I visited this farm for 3 days because a friend of mine, Savannah, was also beginning her Wwoof experience around the same time. The drive took about 5 hours from the coast of South Carolina and the weather changed from warm and humid to below freezing by the time of my arrival. I had no […]

Thornchase Farm – South Carolina

My experience was pleasant and short. After leaving the first farm in Ridgeville I drove to John’s Island, just south of Charleston, South Carolina. Due to circumstances out of her control the host, Renee, was unable to be there during my stay. This was my only experience working by myself the majority of the time. […]

Wishbone Heritage Farm – South Carolina

I left for Ridgeville, South Carolina on February 23rd, 2015, marking the beginning of my WWOOFing experience. My planned stay was about 4 weeks before going to another farm in the same area. Wishbone Heritage Farms and the host, David, expected me sometime in the late afternoon which gave me almost 6 hours for the […]

Prepare For Takeoff! Or Find A Ride

Preparation is a necessary part of everyday life. Almost everything requires some thought before action is taken. Whether you’re making food or deciding what to wear for the day, preparation comes somewhere in the process.

A WWOOF trip can be any length of time from one day to a year or more. Many WWOOFers […]

Decisions, Decisions. A Semi-Experienced WWOOFer’s Perspective

WWOOFing changed my life. There’s no doubt about it. I can safely say that no other decision has made such a positive impact on my life. It gave me the opportunity to explore a new world, in more ways than one. On one hand, it led to the change in scenery I needed to inspire […]

A Fork in the Road

My WWOOFing journey began February 23rd, 2015. The first destination was in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Since then, I made my way across the country and eventually found myself in Northern California at a farm I now call my second home. That may seem to some like a trip of a lifetime. This is only the […]