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Affiliate Disclosure

Updated: 11/25/2015

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that bloggers disclose when we get paid for advertising products.

Some of the links to products on my blog, and particularly the post from which you came to this page, are affiliate links. That means that if you click the link and buy a product from that company, even a different product than the one the link was for, I get paid a small commission.

Besides the time and effort to write the posts, running a blog requires money for the hosting service and domain name. I chose to add affiliate links to help cover those costs.

Some bloggers receive free products to review. I might do that someday, but as of today I have not. Every product that I have an affiliate link to is a product that I have purchased and wholeheartedly believe in.

Currently the affiliates I have a relationship with are limited to Amazon and Ebay. For example, if you purchase one of the Kill-A-Watt monitors I like so much, I get a commission in the ballpark of 68 cents. I promise not to spend it all in one place.

So if you want to support what I’m doing on our farm and with this blog, and you would like me to keep doing it, please support me by purchasing products from the affiliates listed above by clicking through one of my links. And thank you very much if you do!

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