March 2017
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A Late Frost Hits Us Pretty Hard

We were having an early spring with a lot of unusually warm weather. Peach trees were blooming like crazy. Our kiwi vines were leafing out nicely. I was starting some vegetable seedlings. I kept checking the weather forecast and it always showed warm weather for the following 2 weeks. Things were looking good for a long growing season.

Then the darn jet stream shifted. Almost overnight the forecast had 2 nights in the low 20s! Yuck.

There wasn’t much I could do about the peach trees but hope the weatherman was wrong. He wasn’t.

When the cold weather arrived, I scrambled to protect my vegetable seedlings but I left the fruit trees to fend for themselves.

After 2 days of extreme cold, our kiwi vines lost 100% of their leaves:

Kiwi Vines with Dead Leaves

Here’s a pomegranate tree with all the leaves dead:

Pomegranate Tree with Dead Leaves

Most of the blossoms are lost on our big peach tree:

Peach Tree Lost 80% of Blossoms

Nature Finds a Way

A few days later, I assessed the damage. The peach trees had lost most of their blossoms, but some new ones formed.

Here’s a pear tree with some new blossoms:

Pear Tree with New Blossoms

Here the kiwi vines have started new leaf growth right next to the dead leaves:

New Growth Emerges on the Kiwi Vines

The first comfrey leaves are emerging, which is always exciting to see:

First Comfrey Leaves of Spring

A couple weeks after the frost, things are really looking up. The peach tree has a fair number of fruits forming. Last year it had a lot of peaches – probably way too many so none of them got very big. Maybe nature was telling me to thin them out. We’ll see this spring as the thinner fruit crop develops.

One of our plum trees is covered in fruit. Several apple trees that have had no blossoms or very sparse blossoms in the past, are forming a lot of blossoms. Once again, it’s an exciting time when spring rolls around and everything starts to take off. Follow along as I report back on how the trees develop throughout the spring.

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