May 2016
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Photos and Videos of a White Hawk with a Freshly Captured Prey

We have a white hawk living in our woods. I turned into the driveway and it was at the end of one of our swales eating something it had just captured. I was able to get several pictures and videos of it.

When I first saw it, I thought one of my white leghorn chickens had gotten out. But when I got a better look, I realized it was a hawk. It’s an impressive animal. It very well might be the hawk that killed 5 of our chickens, but I can’t be sure about that.

Here is a photo of the hawk:

White Hawk Eating Its Prey

White Hawk Eating Its Prey

I was able to get some short videos of the hawk. In this first one, it is holding down its prey and eating it:

In this video, the hawk flies off toward a wooded area with the prey in its talons:

Finally, in this video the hawk is perched on the branch of a tree. It flies off. In the process, it drops the prey but you can’t see that part:

It’s a very impressive bird, even if it might want to eat our chickens. I won’t hold that against the hawk – it’s just following its nature.

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