March 2016
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Spring Has Sprung

Today is March 21st. It is hard to believe but spring is here already. Time really flies when you stay busy. I’m not a cold climate person, so I’m happy that winter seems to be over early. Not that I like 95 degree days, but I’ve lived here so long that I supposed I’m somewhat used to it. I just don’t like trying to work outside when it’s freezing cold.

Part of the reason spring seems to be coming fast is that it actually is. It was a warm winter here, which is fine with me after 2 years in a row with 10 degree nights. But the warm winter means everything is starting to grow sooner than normal. The trees are showing buds already. The daffodils are in full bloom.

Daffodils Blooming

Daffodils Blooming

The days are getting longer. The Daylight Saving Time change was a few days ago, so now I get home from work and it isn’t dark yet. It makes me happy to get to see my property every evening, and that motivates me to get more done outside. I still think we shouldn’t be bothering with Daylight Saving Time anymore, but that’s a topic for another day. In fact, check out my blog post about it here: Is It Time to End Daylight Saving Time?

I will be building some trellises for the tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantaloupes in the new beds in the back yard. I’ll be planting some annual vegetables in the swale berms. I have a little more time to get these things going because it’s only March.

I’m excited about getting the garden started. I have vegetable seeds starting the trays under a grow light. Lettuce plants are growing. The trees are showing leaves and some are flowering. The asparagus is popping through the ground. The fodder plants I’m growing for the chickens is sprouting.

It’s a fun and exciting time every year when things start to grow. The anticipation is almost too much, hoping maybe this will be the first year we get a good kiwi crop or some of the young fruit trees start producing. Not everything we plant produces, and some things do better than others. Experimentation is part of permaculture and that’s part of what makes it cool, so get out there and plant something yourself.

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