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Another Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

Previously I posted a time lapse video of a honey locust seed sprouting. I decided to try it again over a longer period with some different frame rates. This one shows growth over a 13 day period starting with germination.

Here is a description of why we’re using honey locusts from my earlier post:

I’m adding honey locust trees to our food forest on the uphill side of the swales. The honey locust fixes nitrogen. It also creates a lot of biomass with its leave drop. The leaves are small and allow a lot of sun through so they are ideal where you don’t want too much shading. They also produce edible seed pods. They are a fast growing trees which can reach very tall heights. I plan to keep them small through pruning.

I wasn’t happy with the results of the last video, so this time I tried a different capture frequency (30 minute intervals) and playback frame rate (15 FPS). The result is 48 frames captured per day, resulting in a little over 3 seconds of playback per day. The full video is around 40 seconds. The video needs improvement because the background is distracting and also affects the focus. The seedling was under an LED grow light, which by the way produces much better growth than seedlings that only get light from a window. I know I need to work on the lighting but I don’t have space for the background that would be necessary. I have a friend who is a professional at cameras and lighting. I’ll be seeking his advice to improve these. But the new frame parameters resulted in a much smoother video of the seedling’s growth, so I know I’m on the right path.

Watch as the honey locust seedling goes from germination to 3 sets of leaves in less than 2 weeks.

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