March 2016
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Mulching with Wood Chips

Mulch is Crucial

Water is essential to healthy fruit trees. In our hot Georgia summers, the ground around a fruit tree can get extremely dry leading to stress on the trees. Mulching around the trees is a good way to keep moisture in and avoid drying out the soil.

My favorite source of mulch material […]

Property Update – March 28 2016

Today’s post is another update on projects and activities around our property. The last update covered activities with aquaponics, chickens, and swales to name some. You can read it here: March 15 Property Update.

Since then, we’ve crossed over into spring. Boy are things really starting to grow. We had a couple of nights that […]

A Video Walk-Thru of the Aquaponics System

In this video, I do a walk-thru of the 2016 version of the aquaponics system.

I first built the system in 2014. It has gone through some changes each year. The latest revision has goldfish in the tank. The current plantings are mostly lettuces with some kiwi cuttings I’m letting establish roots before transplanting […]

Aquaponics System Update

Previously I posted a 4-part series about the aquaponics system I built in 2014. There are links to it in the resource section below. Today I want to post an update of the activities since 2014.

2015 Was an Experiment After I shut down the system at the end of 2014, I took a good […]

Spring Has Sprung

Today is March 21st. It is hard to believe but spring is here already. Time really flies when you stay busy. I’m not a cold climate person, so I’m happy that winter seems to be over early. Not that I like 95 degree days, but I’ve lived here so long that I supposed I’m somewhat […]

Property Update – March 15 2016

I’m going to try a new feature – a periodic progress update, typically weekly, on projects and activities around our property. My goal when I started this blog was to document what we’re doing here. The transition that our property is undergoing is part of a long-term conversion and rebuilding based on permaculture principles. If […]

A Video Walk-Thru of the Swale Project

Yesterday I walked around the swales and shot this video, describing some of the trees and berries. The swale project started about 18 months ago and has been completed in 3 phases.

The first section of the upper swale where the video starts was dug in October of 2014. The fruit trees and berries in […]

Six Months and Counting

It has been exactly 6 months since I started this blog, or more accurately since I created my first blog post. In reality, the blog started nearly 10 years ago when we moved to this property. Even though I just started writing recently, I started learning a long time ago. As we transform our property […]

Another Honey Locust Seed Sprouting – Time Lapse Video

Previously I posted a time lapse video of a honey locust seed sprouting. I decided to try it again over a longer period with some different frame rates. This one shows growth over a 13 day period starting with germination.

Here is a description of why we’re using honey locusts from my earlier post:


Scaling Up to a Larger Aquaponics System – Part 4

Previously in Part 1 of Scaling Up to a Larger Aquaponics System, I talked about how the aquaponics system was put together. In Part 2, I covered startup and operation. In Part 3, I talked about the results. Here in part 4 of this 4 part series, I will talk about some additions I made […]