February 2016
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What Is Real Food?

A Little History What follows is my personal account of how the food we eat (and what we are told to eat by the mainstream media) has changed over my lifetime.

I still remember as a kid in the 1960s seeing my Mom cook with bacon grease. I didn’t know there was anything “wrong” […]

Backyard Harmony Dirt Farm & Mosaics – Potter Valley, California

I spent just over a week on the road before coming to this beautiful place. The drive into southern California and north past San Francisco was simply amazing. I will be recounting a few of my stops during this time in later posts. For now, I’ll keep it with the farm theme.

My first impressions […]

Home Brewing – Progress Update #1

I wanted to post an update on my first attempt at home brewing hard cider. In my previous post My First Attempt at Home Brewing, I talked about the 5 batches I started. After 18 days of fermentation, I decided it was time to do some taste testing.

My First 5 Batches of Cider […]

A Small Scale Aquaponics System

In an earlier post Introduction to Aquaponics, I explained the basics of aquaponics. Today I’m going to describe the first small scale system I built a few years ago. To me, aquaponics is an interesting mixture of science and gardening. I have a mad scientist side so I decided to give aquaponics a try.

My […]

Elisha’s Spring Farm – West Virginia

For anyone who listens to The Survival Podcast you’ve probably heard this name. Elisha’s Spring Farm is the flagship location for Jack Spirko and PermaEthos. The idea behind PermaEthos is to spread the knowledge of permaculture and all of its related topics to different areas around the country and beyond. The vision for the future […]