January 2016
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Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It

It’s January and it’s cold outside. There’s still time to rest up before spring planting, right? No way! It’s time to get busy now. Even though it’s cold outside, there’s a lot to get started on. This is an important time to prepare for the spring planting season.

Where we live is in zone 7B, […]

Introduction to Aquaponics

What Is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is a relatively new concept that combines aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the conventional system of raising fish or other aquatic produce in ponds or tanks. Hydroponics is the system of growing vegetables in water with added nutrients.

Raising fish in aquaculture systems results in fish waste. The waste can […]

Holmes Brothers Hops Farm – North Carolina

I visited this farm for 3 days because a friend of mine, Savannah, was also beginning her Wwoof experience around the same time. The drive took about 5 hours from the coast of South Carolina and the weather changed from warm and humid to below freezing by the time of my arrival. I had no […]

My First Attempt at Home Brewing

I enjoy a craft beer now and then. I’ve also developed a taste for hard cider. Recently Jack Spirko talked about making simple hard cider on an episode of The Survival Podcast. He got such an overwhelming response that he did another episode about it. During the holidays, I got the bug and decided I […]

Thornchase Farm – South Carolina

My experience was pleasant and short. After leaving the first farm in Ridgeville I drove to John’s Island, just south of Charleston, South Carolina. Due to circumstances out of her control the host, Renee, was unable to be there during my stay. This was my only experience working by myself the majority of the time. […]

How to Make Dehydrated Apple Slices

We’ve all heard the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That’s because apples are a healthy fruit jammed packed full of nutritional benefits. Apples can be used for cooking. Apple juice can be fermented to make hard cider. Our chickens love apples as a treat. Apples are one of the primary […]

Wishbone Heritage Farm – South Carolina

I left for Ridgeville, South Carolina on February 23rd, 2015, marking the beginning of my WWOOFing experience. My planned stay was about 4 weeks before going to another farm in the same area. Wishbone Heritage Farms and the host, David, expected me sometime in the late afternoon which gave me almost 6 hours for the […]

Easy Homemade Sauer Kraut

It is a well-documented fact that fermented foods are good for your health. If your digestion is not good, you won’t absorb the nutrients in your food. Eating a little bit of fermented food every day will help populate your gut with the healthy bacteria you need for proper digestion.

A lesser known fact […]

Predators Are Very Real on a Farm

Today started out bad when I discovered one of our chickens dead. Then it got much worse. After I buried the first hen this morning, I found 3 more dead hens and 1 missing. The dead bodies appeared to have been attacked by a hawk. All 3 bodies were partially eaten but still in the […]

Goodbye to One of Our Hens

We lost our first adult hen today. She was a green egg laying Americana. She will be especially missed around Easter when the green eggs are very popular.

Her name was Spider McGuire Jr. Yes I mentioned before we named all of our birds. We have learned our lesson but it is too late […]