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A Christmas Egg

I wanted to make a quick post on Christmas Eve to commemorate an important event in our journey to self-sufficiency. Two years ago we got our first chickens in August. The holidays are a time to focus on family. We had new members of our family – a flock of hens. As the holidays approached, we were getting excited about the hens starting to lay soon. We were expecting the first eggs sometime in January, but the big surprise came on Christmas Eve. I was out in the coop to check on the girls for the night. There it was – an egg!

Our First Egg - Christmas Eve 2013

Our First Egg – Christmas Eve 2013

One egg might not seem like a very exciting event, but it is very exciting when it’s your first egg ever from chickens you raised. The four of us couldn’t make much of a meal out of one egg, but we did make it part of our breakfast Christmas morning. That egg was the first of many more to come. Before we knew it, we were getting 10-12 eggs per day and were giving them away to neighbors because we had so many. By the way, that’s a great way to make happy neighbors and smooth things out if there is any concern about you having chickens.

I will always remember that first egg because it was a symbol of something very significant. It was the culmination of months of work and learning. While it seemed like such a simple accomplishment, it actually represented something bigger. We were learning about the symbiotic relationship of caring for animals and the productive things they could do for us. The chickens led us to interest in fish and rabbits. Eating eggs from our chickens led us to more focus on nutrition in other areas of our diets. It was just one little egg, right? No not even close. We had just opened a door to a new pathway on our journey to self-sufficiency.

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