December 2015
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It Takes a Community to Thrive in Tough Times

When I started this blog, I talked about how we are in the process of changing the way we live. The tagline of our blog is “One Family’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency” for a reason. It is a process that has affected each member of our family in different ways.

I spend a lot of my efforts on ways to provide for our needs from resources on our property. Some projects are more successful than others, but they are all about learning and moving forward. Years ago, I spent most of my free time doing less productive things. Now my activities are centered around growing things and improving the property.

My wife, Terri, is very focused on health and nutrition. She has improved her health through a focus on exercise and a dramatically overhauled diet.

My son, Jonathan, helps with projects on our property. More importantly, he is in the process of undergoing his own journey of discovery. Jono, as we call him, will begin posting about his progress in the next few days.

My daughter, Jaclyn, is still in high school and spending much of her time thinking about things like options for college. Jaclyn has promised to post some papers she wrote for school. Even though her energy is devoted to finishing high school, you’ll see she has been influenced by what we’re doing as a family.

Our family friend Dan Page has already posted something about beekeeping and there is more to come.

Everyone in the family has different viewpoints, but collectively we are all on the journey together. I have encouraged everyone in the family to contribute to the blog. Over on the right sidebar you’ll see a new menu. It has links that will take you to posts specifically from the other members of the family.

If you’re on your own journey to self-sufficiency, get your family on board. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Involve others wherever possible. Share your bounty. Give extra eggs to your neighbors. It takes a community to thrive in tough times.

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