December 2015
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Bee Harmonious!

Problems and solutions are rarely one factor, most often multiple human introduced factors in combination with nature’s changing environmental factors lead to unexpected results. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative…

The issue of honeybee colony losses can easily be hypothetically explained by a combination of factors: insecticides, GMO plants, excessive harvesting of honey, feeding honeybees corn syrup, mono-culture, over managing honeybees for human wants and interests.
Simply put, like our business and political environments, there are too many asking for too much and too many not doing or giving enough. In a colony if there are not enough worker bees taking care of the work, the colony will perish.

To maximize honeybee success I use a simple approach: remain in harmony with nature and your honeybees, bee a good land lord and take good care of the housing and foraging condition. Remember a hive is a honey producing kitchen and we like our girls happy and healthy producing pure, natural honey. Honeybees know best! Pay attention…
The strategic solution must be sustainable and self-rejuvenating. I would also add, organic, holistic, pure and natural with minimum cross contamination of anything as part of bee management activities.
Do you want to know the specific details of organic, holistic all natural honeybee management for the purpose of producing honey, pollen, bees wax, garden and orchard pollination with minimal time and maximum yield?

Feel free to ask questions or make comments.
Bee Harmonious!
Uncle Dan

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