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Don’t Expect Politicians to Fix the Economy

Let’s face it, the United States economy is in trouble. At least most people who read a blog like this and are interested in self-sufficiency think it is. Unfortunately too many Americans are oblivious to the facts and think things are much better than they really are. That’s partly because they get their information from the TV news, or worse yet from the politicians like those on the stage of the Republican debate the other night. I’ve said before I don’t trust politicians – you can read about it in my earlier post: Why I Don’t Trust Politicians. But I still watched the debate because I want to know what we’re up against – what most of America is being spoon fed and asking for more.

Rand Paul was the only candidate in that debate who said what we all need to face – we can’t keep spending money we don’t have. It doesn’t matter what the program is – we don’t have the money. And borrowing more to pay for things is bad. We wouldn’t survive long if we run our households that way. The only reason the US stills seems ok is that we have the world’s reserve currency and can print more money whenever we need it to pay our bills. Wait and see – the printing presses are just getting warmed up. There is so much talk about the Fed raising interest rates, but they never do. And they never will. They can’t! It would send our economy into another recession or even worse a depression. The only move they have left is to print more money in the form of quantitative easing. They’ll call the next round QE4. It’s coming. I don’t know when, but I would bet it is next year. Don’t be surprised if it starts as we get close to the 2016 election. What a coincidence! The Republicans are supposed to be the fiscally Conservative party, yet only one of the 10 on that debate stage would say what Rand Paul said. In the end, there is very little difference between the two parties. They both take our money in the form of taxes and spend it on programs we don’t want and can’t afford.

When the campaigning started, I had some hope that Rand Paul would be more like his father. He hasn’t turned out to be. I really liked Ron Paul because he always spoke his mind and he couldn’t be bought. Some say he didn’t get anything done while he was in office. I disagree. He might not have passed any significant legislation, but I think he raised awareness. He planted a seed in the minds of people who are tired of the status quo. I definitely got the message a few years ago, and it changed me. I realized you don’t have to choose between a Democrat and a Republican. There are other alternatives.

I would like to see the income tax abolished along with the IRS like a lot of people. It doesn’t matter what new tax plan they come up with – the Fair Tax or flat tax. As long as politicians are in control, they will find a way to screw it up. The real problem is that we can’t keep spending money we don’t have. A Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget would be a great step. Eliminating lobbyists and campaign contributions would be good too. None of these are likely to happen because politicians don’t want to see their power limited. Don’t expect politicians to solve our problems – they’re the ones who got us into this mess in the first place.

While I think the US economy is headed for major trouble, the United States is not doomed. Far from it. It is only our currency that is in trouble. Yes people will suffer when it collapses. It will be ugly. But in the end we will come out of it stronger. Why? Because the US arguably has more natural resources than any other country on earth. China and Russia are close in some ways, our climate is better than Russia’s and we have two coasts and more ports than China. It is our diversity and richness of natural resources that make us wealthy. Chris Martenson has a great analysis of real wealth versus paper wealth in his “Crash Course” series. Chris Martenson’s Crash Course. When the paper we call money is gone, we will still have the true wealth that was right there under our feet all along.

As long as Ron Paul’s ideas are around, I will have hope that the political system can get better. And don’t be surprised if you hear Ron Paul’s name mentioned as a Libertarian candidate once his son Rand drops out of the race. Meanwhile, I will continue to focus my energy on living sustainibly so my family doesn’t need to rely on politicians.

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