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Why I Don’t Trust Politicians

What follows is one man’s opinion about what is wrong with our current political system. I will explain why I don’t trust politicians anymore. With easier access to information on the Internet, it seems that more and more people are losing faith in politicians. Often it is because we feel the politicians keep screwing us over. Is it that simple? Maybe what follows is simply stating the obvious. Or maybe it looks at politicians in a way you haven’t seen them before.

I used to think my vote was important. That a vote for a Democrat or a Republican was a necessary part of our system. That if I didn’t vote, I was letting other voters decide my fate. I always thought I was fairly aware of what was happening, but now I wonder what was wrong with me all those years. I continued to believe there were good politicians out there who wanted to do the right thing for all of us.
Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter which party is in power. I realize now that I’ve been asleep at the wheel for a long time when it comes to politics. The two parties are really not very different. Sure they have a different approach to how they do it, but in the end the result is the same. Both parties are slowly taking our property and our freedom. They lie to us to get what they want. They push agendas in the media to keep us at odds with each other. They don’t really care what we are arguing about as long as we are arguing.

I started asking myself why that is. What is it about politicians that make them untrustworthy? You have to look at where most politicians come from. The single most common profession in politics today is lawyers. In the 2012 Congress, the breakdown at the top was:
209 businessmen and women
208 public servants
200 lawyers
81 educators
And so on….
Yes lawyers are 3rd on this list, but look closer at the numbers. Business is a broad area made up of many diverse backgrounds. Public servants are career politicians – let’s just throw them out and focus on the other professions that produce politicians. In a close 3rd place on this list, I would argue that lawyers are the dominant single profession. Bear with me as I present my case.

In our legal system, there are always 2 sides involved in a dispute. The 2 parties disagree over something, so they hire lawyers. Do you think the 2 lawyers really care about either party’s issues? Or do they just care about getting paid to argue the case? Sure they care about winning, but they don’t really care which side of the argument they are on.
Let’s look a little deeper about why that is. Where do lawyers get their training? Of course it is in law school. But before that where does it start? It starts quite often with high school debate. In debate, the participants go to competitions. At a debate competition, the debaters are given a topic to research. They are not told which side of the topic they will argue. Just what the topic is. They have to research it and prepare to argue either side. Then before the debate starts, they are told which side to argue and the 2 sides compete. It is basically an academic sport.

In professional sports we see examples all the time where players are traded from one team to another. There are cases where a baseball player was traded to the opposing team in that day’s game. He walks across the hall to the opposing locker room and gets a new uniform. The player doesn’t care as long as the paycheck gets signed. Debate is similar. Sure some debaters might be passionate about one side of an argument, but that gets trained out of them. They are taught not to care which side they are on. Some lawyers might be passionate about being a prosecutor or a defense lawyer, but that is probably rare. In the end, they want the fancy house and the car and they will take either side of the argument to get it.

So next time you get excited about a politician with a (D) or an (R) after their name, ask yourself if you think they are really excited about you. Do they care which side of an issue you are passionate about? If it’s really important to you to vote, then pay more attention to the local elections. Those are the politicians that affect you the most. I’m working to do things that make politicians less important in my life. I suggest you do that too. Grow a garden. Plant a fruit tree. Get backyard chickens. Pay off your debts. Move somewhere with no HOA and less restrictions. Any of these things can make a difference. If enough of us become more self sufficient, the politicians might start noticing that we aren’t paying attention to them. That might wake them up and lead to change. Or maybe you won’t care anymore because you simply don’t need them.

Resources for this post:
Breakdown of professions in 1st congress vs 112th congress: http://blog.constitutioncenter.org/2012/02/by-the-numbers-the-jobs-jobs-jobs-of-the-first-congress-vs-the-112th-congress/

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